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G-Defend vol 16 omake

Love Fills the Hall
Valentines day. Everyone is getting presents. Location: dorm common area.

The conversation is loosely:
Captain get the most presents this time again?
External and internal divisions got a lot, too.
That publicity really worked!
Uzaki is the dorm manager (they rotate monthly), you've seen all the presents haven't you?
Who came in second?
Well, if I recall ...

Cut to Nishiwaki. Iwase has an arrow pointing to him indicating he's in third place. Hashizume says he got some too. (Aww, he looks depressed!)

In the kitchen, Ikegami says the doctor got some and it was all from men. Kishitani observes that Ikegami is particularly popular with the pre-teen/teen girl population.

Cut to flashback, woman 1: I really want to give this to Kishitani. woman 2: yeah, he's really hard to approach. woman 3: feels the same way

Back to the dorm common area:
I win! By weight and volume!
Motoki's are all from grade schoolers.

Alec's room: What's that?
Wow! It even has diamonds on it!
Joe notation: feels that opening presents by yourself is way too scary. Where'd you meet them. Don't know.

Back in the common room: Billy got some too.
This is like a comparison rating meeting.
All from women?
No, they misunderstand.
Men's underwear! And particularly (eyecatching?).
Hey it suits Billy perfectly.

Two pages of all different ways of celebrating the western "Valentine's Day" holiday.

Naitou's wife: welcome back, you have a package.
Naitou: What?
Wife: it's alcohol
Naitou: What's up with this! What kind of hidden plot is behind this? Some new person making trouble?
Wife: Just be happy! You like that brand! I have something for you too.
Note: To Naitou, delivered with all my love. Nishiwaki
Naitou: Hey! I got it. Thanks. You should have just brought it over and had some. It's poisoned? I just drank a third. No! I want to know your real plan.
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