May. 9th, 2011

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This was the most amazingly beautiful weekend. Sunny and breezy in the mornings, chances of light sprinkles in the afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, too, so I'll try to get pictures for you.

I got the 2nd half of the greens bed planted with romaine and spinach. The germination on the chard is spotty, so I've reseeded it a bit with fresh seed. There will be too much arugula later this spring. LOL! The peas were high enough they needed support, so we now have 2m high trellis up for all 4 rows. Putting those together quickly convinced me that my plan for espaliered tomato plants won't work, the trellis will fall over. The spouse has a fix for it, he claims ... We also got all the mustard and peppercress that overwintered harvested. They were starting to bolt so they were quite spicy and made lovely soup.

The pink bleeding hearts are in full glory. The new white one will need a year or so to catch up, and my friend from knitting says she has lots of white ones that I'm welcome to. I'll bring her and another friend oriental poppy seedlings in exchange next week. Dahlia's have been planted in the former rose bed. If they don't come up, oh well. If they come up, I will be awash in yellow and red daisy-like dahlias.

The hat is making real progress. I expect to be done with my first draft by the end of the week.


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