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Well. We just got the news, the little one is going to Christchurch, NZ for 2 years for graduate school. Today was the first possible day of acceptances, so she's in their first choice batch of applicants. She's totally psyched!

<weep>We will be paying international tuition.</weep>

I'm already not seeing her as much as I'd like, and it'll be too expensive to see her as often as I do now. On the other hand, I suppose I have a little less of a stake in the election now, we may all burn down to the ground, but at least someone will make it out alive. (Watch, only to be crushed in an earthquake... ;)
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A friend took one look at the blue yarn and called dibs, so I guess that yarn has a home. I've contacted the woman who made it to see if she can make more, or if she minds if I try to duplicate what she sent me. I hope she answers me back, either way.

Here are some more pictures of the other spinning projects. slow progress )

The last project I have is a group project making kits for "Days for Girls" ( That's taking up quite a bit of time and energy, too.
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I now know the basic outline of the Hero movie. Now I've got to go rent it and see how it matches up to the popular stories from the Han dynasty.
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As with many fan cultures, there are mirror events for real world events. Currently, there's the tour de fleece, mirroring tour de france. I'm doing a fair amount of spinning for this event, recognizing I'll miss the last two weeks because I'll be in Shanghai. photos )

I'm having trouble with the idea that I'm leaving in a week for Shanghai. It's giving me nerves just thinking about it.
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G-Defend vol 16 omake Love Fills the Halls )
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G-Defend the 17th: Battle!! - 1
summary )
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So here's one of the very few things I like about facebook/google+/twitter that I wish were available here on LJ. I feel like a lot of my commentary about G-Defend belongs on the G-Defend community, but it's also mine and I want to "share" it with that community and my friends here, not have to choose between the two or double post. I suppose the best solution is to double post, but then the conversations will be permanently separated from each other, and that's bad.

Ah haha!

Jul. 11th, 2011 07:40 pm
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XKCD is mostly funny, sometimes merely baffling. But I think you will all enjoy this one:


Jun. 24th, 2011 08:58 pm
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Cheers for NY State!
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The garden is currently all pastels and green. It's very restful, understated, and lovely. The weather will have to warm up significantly to get to the intense colors I love. pictures of spring flowers )


May. 18th, 2011 08:55 pm
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I have been talking about watching The King's Speech ever since the movie first came out. The younger one finally rented the movie for me yesterday, plopped me in front of the PS3, explained the controls, and left to spend time with her friends. The spouse was at a skeptics meeting all evening. What an utterly fabulous movie! I might even buy a copy! And now you know my taste in movies.
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This was the most amazingly beautiful weekend. Sunny and breezy in the mornings, chances of light sprinkles in the afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, too, so I'll try to get pictures for you.

I got the 2nd half of the greens bed planted with romaine and spinach. The germination on the chard is spotty, so I've reseeded it a bit with fresh seed. There will be too much arugula later this spring. LOL! The peas were high enough they needed support, so we now have 2m high trellis up for all 4 rows. Putting those together quickly convinced me that my plan for espaliered tomato plants won't work, the trellis will fall over. The spouse has a fix for it, he claims ... We also got all the mustard and peppercress that overwintered harvested. They were starting to bolt so they were quite spicy and made lovely soup.

The pink bleeding hearts are in full glory. The new white one will need a year or so to catch up, and my friend from knitting says she has lots of white ones that I'm welcome to. I'll bring her and another friend oriental poppy seedlings in exchange next week. Dahlia's have been planted in the former rose bed. If they don't come up, oh well. If they come up, I will be awash in yellow and red daisy-like dahlias.

The hat is making real progress. I expect to be done with my first draft by the end of the week.
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I've decided to follow along with a sweater knitting project (here). Full story of why and pictures later tonight.
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Here's another cool sock! Hwaet!
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This one story is going to take all year! so it starts )
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The first story in Tang dynasty stories 唐人小說 (this book is 古鏡記. Let's try it and see how it goes, but I suspect it's beyond my abilities. The annotations in this book aren't translations of the text so much as notes and discussion about the history, authors, and circumstances around the story. So no use to me, though probably very interesting to others.

Kids version:
Simplified full text:

There's is a rather detailed and kind of disorganized introduction to Tang period novels at:

If you come across a Traditional text version on line, let me know.
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唐人小說 (this book is 84 stories (short?) from the Tang dynasty with annotations to explain them. table of contents )
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Got an alumni fund raising phone call the other day. I picked up the phone, hello?, to get "HI! ... umm, yeaaaah"

Not the energetic yeah! of the cheering sports fan, but the drawling, agreeable, yeah of the happy pot head. LOL! Immediately identifiable as a student calling from Evergreen.

The caller explained that the parents club runs all kinds of activities, yeah, and um, is funded by the annual fund and would we be willing to contribute? I confused the poor sweetie by asking if the activities were for the parents or for the students (it's called the parents club, after all), generating much hilarity for me. When I promised to contribute right away via their web site, I got "oh! no pressure! ... um, or anything ..." and when I pointed out I'd forget if I didn't do it right away got a very happy "um, I know exactly what you mean! yeah!"

I wonder if my alma mater would forgive me for saying I far prefer the student fund raising calls from Evergreen than the grounded in reality, practical, feigned interest phone calls from them.
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